CASE AfriQloud



afriQloud is a partnership of several selected hi-tech companies with the aim of bringing local cloud solutions to Africa. afriQloud has incorporated a subsidiary in Uganda – afriQloud Uganda Limited – from where it has started to build a business which is to expand throughout a minimum of 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The vast experience and network of afriQloud in the cloud business combined with distributed and highly scalable solution means that the company is a frontrunner in building compelling value propositions, while delivering digital infrastructure as a service for large enterprises, SMEs and governments in sub-Saharan Africa at an affordable price point.


As the first-of-its-kind B2B PR agency in Africa that is leveraging on a host of digital channels and social media combined with an extensive network of B2B communities spanning every African region, Africa Influencer Agency is working with AfriQloud to tell its story through different services. These include writing and sending out press releases through Africa Press List, a dedicated PR news service that reaches over 25,000 journalists in Africa and beyond, handling contacts with the African press and writing content for the afriQloud operation. afriQloud is sponsor of the Africa Tech Platform and newsletter.

The agency’s extensive segmented reach of professionals across the continent and beyond with 1.5 million members on LinkedIn spread across 180 groups means offering the communities without having to build them, coupled with its team of influencers with solid background in media, PR and digital media. Its host of digital tools are a perfect fit for afriQloud.


Hans van Linschoten, founder and CEO of afriQloud: “We are excited to be partnering with Africa Influencer Agency in telling our story to our African business audience in a unique and targeted way. Through a mix of digital tools that the agency is offering we are confident of guaranteed reach and impact. By being the first in Africa to introduce our respective services, this partnership will bolster our footprint on the continent and help us drive our missions seamlessly.”