Digital has changed marketing. Action and ROI are linked to online marketing. Still we believe that marketing is like people behave. Trust to do business with each other will have to be built. No one walks into a bar and asks the first person that responds to get married. B2B marketing is building trust and usually that is offered by education. People want to learn about your solution, packaged in a product or a service or a combination of both.

COMPANY - What is Africa Influencer Agency?

Africa Influencer Agency (AIA) is a B2B PR agency. We want to help you to reach your (potential) B2B clients in Africa. We apply all digital channels and social media that are available to get your story told in an impactful way. AIA  has access to the biggest collection of LinkedIn groups that address business professionals in Africa in a very segmented way.

COMPANY - What are the USP's of AIA?

We name a few that are mentioned on this site under About Us:

  • Segmented reach
  • Biggest on LinkedIn as to Africa
  • Personal contacts
  • B2B Influencers ourselves
  • Research panels
  • Message and channel combined – B2B content marketing
  • Connected to s big number of journalists and bloggers
  • Digital design
COMPANY - Geographical focus and language?

The main language that we use within the Africa Influencer Agency is English. unlike local PR agencies in Africa, we operate in all African Countries and the focus within Africa is Sub Saharan Africa. On the other hand: people in our networks come from all over the world.


That means that AIA does the following for business professionals:

We connect the World with Africa

We connect Africa with the World

We connect Africa with Africa

English is predominantly our language.

SERVICES - What are the services of AIA?

The services of AIA are described on this website. To name the main 6 categories of our services:

PR – campaign and recurring

Content marketing

Influencer Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital Production and design



We work with different partners and therefore, we are able to cater you needs in a broader context if desired.

B2B MARKETING - How can B2B marketing help in communicating complex topics, products or services?

B2B influencer marketing can help make complex topics, products or services more personal. As we are seeking for solutions, we’re always building on our own experience – and try to learn as much as possible from the specialists in that specific field. If a B2B influencer is, for example, specialised in software solutions or recruitment, he or she is an authority in that field. If they can help bring your message, it will be perceived as authentic and truthful.

B2B INFLUENCER MARKETING - What makes B2B influencer marketing different from B2C influencer marketing?

B2C influencer marketing aims directly at consumers, who are closely tied to the influencers they follow. In B2B influencer marketing we’re not looking into people with a large audience, but people who are truly specialised in a field of business, authorities. In essence, B2B and B2C influencer marketing are the same: whether it’s personally or professionally, we’re always looking for people to follow and learn from.

B2B INFLUENCER MARKETING - Why is B2B influencer marketing effective?

It is the perfect way to showcase what you do, and bring your message over to other professionals. Other than video’s, newsletters or other forms of corporate communication, a B2B influencer can make your solution personal. No matter the product or service you provide, people will always rather be told about it by someone they trust and look up to.