What you can expect from B2B Public Relations, campaign and recurring and more.

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We create different types of relevant content, eg interviews, blogs, white papers and columns.

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We will connect with the right people that fit in your target group. We will make use of our extensive B2B communities

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We will distribute newsletters and send selective personal emails to the relevant decision takers.

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We can design and make tailor made websites, blogs, newsletters, banners and other digital material.

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We will organize events for close encounters with the relevant people that make your message a live experience.

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Segmented reach

As an Influencer Agency we have something that makes us special: we have built our own and, very important, highly segmented reach, through social media as LinkedIn and our email databases that are filled with broad profiles of African B2B decision takers

Biggest on LinkedIn

We are very strong in Business Social Media – that is, LinkedIn. Through our family member Africa Business Communities, we have access to the biggest compilation of (approximately 185) LinkedIn groups related to Africa. These LinkedIn Groups are segmented on basis of Region, Country, Industry and sometimes positions. As group administrator, there are many features available. such as the possibility to send a direct notification, once a week. Currently, the groups contain more than 1,5 million members, business professionals that are engaged in African business activities.

PR list

Our family member Africa Business Communities started the Africa Press List  a couple of years ago. With the Africa Press List, we have direct access to thousands of African bloggers and journalists.

The Africa Press List is a press release distribution service to media reporting about Africa.The Africa Press List is a powerful and highly effective PR tool being fully interactive with social media.

Personal contacts

We have a huge network. We don’t reach companies but individual business professionals that take decisions in the organisation they work for. We can send them direct personal emails. We update our contacts regularly and on LinkedIn people update their contacts theirselves. The result is that we are able to reach the relevant target audience quickly and consistently.

B2B Influencers ourselves

Many of our team members are influencers theirselves. They have a huge network with thousands of followers and are connected to many important business decision takers. Because of this personal connection they can contact these decision takes in a context of trust. To give you some examples:


  • Bob Koigi – Voted among the 100 worldwide most influential people from African decent under 40
  • Nixon Kanali – Voted as the best tech blogger of Kenya [2019]
  • Bas Vlugt – indicated by LinkedIn as one of the top influencers on the LinkedIn Platform as to Africa

Research panels

Inhouse, we have access to unique additional services like the Africa Business Panel and Africa Consumer Panel. The Africa Business Panel has approximately 16,500 panel members that have all registered themselves and include many decision takers of small companies and of some big corporates. The Panel is used for market research. Sometimes, usually in co-production we create white papers that need underlying data for observed market trends.

Message and channel combined

In addition to the production of content, we can provide our clients with platforms to publish the content on and we will also deliver the audience for the platforms, using social media, newsletters and our database. A platform for a client can be part of the ABC website but can also be a website on its own. Subsequently, clients do not have to build the community that they want reach themselves. That is something we have already done for our clients.

Networking Events

As everywhere, online match making is useful, but the real live handshake makes the business energy flowing. One cannot live without the other, the efficiency of the online environment with the right feeling of the offline meeting. The emphasis of Business  Events is on the live meeting and networking of the fellow executives, entrepreneurs, business owners or any other person that is commercially interesting to meet. We can invite the right audience to your tailor made business event.

Digital design

We have graphic design in-house. That means we can deliver graphics – like banners – for our clients. On the other side, we frequently work together with the creative and digital agency already involved by our clients.

If it was my last dollar, I would spend it on PR

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