‘We want something with influencers! ‘ Ofcourse that is something we offer. But we always investigate first: what does the target group want? Then you only assess whether influencer marketing is meaningful to your brand and then that is what the influencer can do for your brand and/or message. Because someone with 10 followers might be more influential for your organization than a YouTuber with a million subscribers. Anyway, in every industry – both B2B and B2C – there are relevant influencers to be found. And especially in the B2B context, the influence of micro bloggers that have a very topic focused audience can be essential in the success of your B2B communication.

Storytelling is in our genes and much older than advertising. Influencer marketing is booming for that reason. Social media are growing accordingly, also in Africa. What makes us different is that we include mainstream media in our influencer strategy since they host very powerful and skilled story tellers. We support B2B brands in realizing their communication objectives with our influencing marketing services. With the rise of the community of micro influencers, influencer marketing has shown more impact and engagement. We use artificial intelligence for a balanced and efficient matching process with micro influencers.


We reach the relevant journalists of mainstream media. We provide them with articles, white papers and press releases in order to support them to tell stories of brands to their audience. We create and edit content in order to become impactful stories. Some of our people are journalists who understand what is needed to communicate relevant stories that create a lasting impact and increases engagement with B2B brands.


We match with relevant micro influencers that have built their audience with their blogs and content. Micro influencers show high ROI and are very effective as to specific and more complex issues. The rise of micro influencers also opens doors for B2B influencer marketing. The match making with micro influencers will be made a cost effective operation by using an artificial intelligence platform. We support micro influencers with content production for their blogs. With the panels of Africa Business Communities we can support any white paper to be distributed to bloggers with surveys and research.


We match with the relevant B2B social media influencers who have built their following audience with engagement. We give access to all social media influencers and focus rather on engagement and impact than reach. Each social medium comes with specific benefits that should be used effectively. LinkedIn is a good platform for B2B influencers.

If it was my last dollar, I would spend it on PR

Bill Gates Founder Microsoft